Woods of Void

by Zen Fascists

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recorded by ourselves in 2014 august-september.


released October 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Zen Fascists Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Paralyzed
oh sacred mountains, i wanna climb you all
before the great evil bangs my back door
oh holy skies, i wanna fly
i wanna see my brothers face when i'm really high

but i'm in the woods of void
find an ancient hidden tomb
i'm so deep in here this is just like a labyrinth
i can't find the way out of here, i can't find the fucking key

giebelhof goblins cross my way
telling me i must stay
pretty girls appear in the smoke
holding dildos and a rope
i swear i love you but let me live
i'll be back soon in this delirium dream
Track Name: Stoned Skinhead Delight
your team lost that fucking match
only want a beer and a nice snatch
hit the town pick a fight
seeing red you lose your sight
but cant find your boot just a bong
so turn off that early blitz song

stoned skinhead delight
too high to fight
stoned skinhead delight
too high to fight

and now you can hear the sound of concrete and steel
not so fucked up but really fucking wierd
think it’s pretty cool, all that funny visions
to be a stoner is your best decision

stoned skinhead delight
too high to fight
stoned skinhead delight
too drunk to fuck/too high to fight
Track Name: Home Alone 6
home alone and really stoned
i get drunk when i'm bored
let’s open a pit in my room
slamdance myself to doom

windowshopping for some love
dancing rhumba with three girls
this is a never ending vacation
a tango with satan

forever a teenager but i'm older than twentythree
but please kick me in the face if i'm acting like ben weasel or john queer